Haseeb Nadeem


Hello Everyone! I’m Abdul Haseeb and I’m from Lahore the heart of Pakistan. When i was a child, my father’s office friend gifted me a toy piano. At that time, i didn’t know how to play it. But i wanted to play it. One day, I was sitting in front of my house with my piano and one of my neighbors came to me and asked me “Can I play it” I said “Yes” When he played it, I was so much surprised. I requested him to teach me. He accepted and gave me some basic notes. He also not knew so much about piano. He could play only 2 to 3 songs only with right hand. I have learnt those notes. With the passage of time, my interest in piano is increased day by day. And today, I have created a YouTube channel where i post piano tutorials and piano covers of newly released songs. And i also make MIDI files for those people who want to learn songs on piano. I have sent many MIDI files to many people for free of cost. Now, I have created this website where you people can easily get Midi files and sheet music for free.

Hassan Tahir


Hey, I am Hassan, 30 Years Old. Married and Father of a Cute 10 month old Son. I am professionally a Digital Marketer. After Graduation in 2009, I went to Qatar and worked there as a procurement officer for 6 months. After that I came back to my Country Pakistan and started as Intern Private Digital Marketing Company. In my 10 years of Professional Life I worked with 3 Software Houses in Pakistan. I served as SEO Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Content Marketer commerce Marketing, Video Marketing. I left my job in 2015 and started workings as a freelancer.I have worked with so many Clients all around the world. I have worked on So many YouTube Channels for my client that’s why I have the idea How to create and make a YouTube Channel successful. I created this YouTube Channel in 2016. I take care video Making, Sound Mixing, Editing, Marketing, and all the technical work of this Channel. While Haseeb makes Piano Tutorial, creates Piano Midi’s, Piano Notes and Sheet Music.

Haseeb and Hassan Story


Our Fathers are good friends and we have met before so many times But I (Hassan) had no idea that Haseeb plays piano so well. One day I came to Haseeb House and listen a sound of piano inside the room. Haseeb playing a bollywood 80’s song and it was sounding so good. I went inside the room, demanded more songs from Haseeb to play and he didn’t disappoint me. I offered him to make a YouTube Channel. Let the World know how good you are. We started making Piano Covers. Within two month we have started getting good response from viewers all over the world specially India. In a time frame of 6 months we had more than 20,000 Subscribers and we are getting almost 10 to 12 thousand views per day. One day our YouTube Channel got terminate due to YouTube Copyright because of same music of songs.
In 2018 we created a New Channel with a name “Haseeb and Hassan”. This time we focused on Piano Tutorials. We made 100’s of piano tutorials so that it would become easy for beginners to learn and play the songs they love.
From the Last six month we got so many request regarding Piano Midi’s, Piano Notes and Sheet Music. There are so many online portals who’s selling Midi’s Notes and Sheet Music in ( $10 to $50) per song. We thought of creating a platform where we can provide these midi files free of cost to those who really want to learn.
We buy the website name http://www.haseebandhassan.com/ in April 2018 and it took us more than a year to launch it.
Right now we have more than Two Hundred Thousand Subscribers on YouTube.
Our Target is to become to First YouTube Channel from India/Pakistan which makes Piano Tutorials and Piano Covers of Bollywood Songs.